About Us

Arvika proposes to make our communities safer by disinfecting and decontaminating large spaces in order for community to return to a sense of normalcy.

  • We are merging existing proven technologies in an innovative fashion to meet the problem of how to disinfect these large spaces.
  • Our team of pilots and scientists, who also are pilots, have an innate understanding of how flight and drone capabilities can be harnessed to deliver cutting-edge, green disinfectant that keeps our communities safe while providing the safest manner of delivery within all regulations.
  • We provide customized drone flight planning for each venue as well as determine the right disinfectant for each project.

Experience Includes:

*3000+ hours in drone flight experience

* 6000+ hours of commercial aircraft flight experience

* 100 combined years of experience with FAA regulations and safety systems to ensure compliance with all operations and the highest level of safety to both our crews and the public

* Degrees from Rutgers in Microbiology and Chemistry and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Aeronautics and Unmanned Aircraft

Our team of highly trained Pilots and Scientists analyze each facility and come up with a plan of action before every disinfection.

The team reviews all data collected pre and port clean to ensure efficacy and solid data.

Before each facility is disinfected, the team uses a separate drone to visualize the area and mark points of reference for the disinfecting drone.