Large Venues

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Prior to treatment, our team will work closely with your team to determine the right operations for your unique facility through a site visit or a virtual site visit.

Upon arrival for the scheduled treatment, the Arvika team will use mapping sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) in order to build out a flight plan for your specific venue. This 2D overview model will be kept on file for all future hygiene management at your facility. The team will also provide a copy of the 2D overview model for your own future planning needs as well.

The Arvika team and facility management personnel will use the site map to determine which areas of the venues are accessible to the sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) and which will need to be hand-sprayed.

Once the flight plan has been approved the PIC (Pilot in Command), our team of Remote Pilots will begin flying the sUAS (Unmanned Aircraft Sysytem) throughout the venue dispensing your choice of disinfectant to all surfaces.

After the treatment, the Lead Pilot will pass along his notes from the team to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety for inclusion into the Facility Report.

*All outdoor operations will comply with FAA Parts 137 and 107 regulations while indoor operations will be subject only to each facility’s internal requirements and approvals. All Arvika Aerial Tech pilots are both fully licensed airplane pilots and sUAS (RPAS) Remote Pilot certified

*The EPA does not certify efficacy for any disinfectant on soft surfaces. Soft surfaces are remarkably hard to disinfect. Where possible, the best option is to have them laundered. This does not mean that treating the material with a disinfectant will have no effect; however, the best course of action is to eliminate soft or porous surfaces from your public spaces. This includes upholstered chairs and booths.