Health & Hygiene

How Do We Do This?

Arvika Aerial Tech wants each of their clients to know that after we decontaminate your space that we have done our jobs and given them the peace of mind knowing their facility is safe for visitors.

1) The Arvika Environmental Monitoring team will create a facility-specific sitemap for biological sampling to create a baseline picture of the microbial state of your facility and for the long-term hygiene management.

2) Our Director of Environmental Health and Safety will direct the team to collect biological samples from a variety of high touch surfaces and locations throughout your facility.

3) Once the samples have been collected, the Arvika team will begin spraying the EPA approved disinfectant throughout the facility.

4) When the application of disinfectants has been completed, the technicians will conduct post-treatment sampling per the sitemap to measure efficacy.

5) The Arvika Aerial Tech team will return the samples to our laboratory for testing and analysis. The Environmental Health and Safety team’s methods are similar to those used at laboratories around the world including government and academic health labs.

As part of your facility’s hygiene plan, Arvika will build a long-term picture of your facility’s health and notice any outlying trends and propose additional hygiene methods to meet your needs.

6) If our Director is not satisfied with the results of our decontamination, Arvika Aerial Tech will require additional samples to be collected for further analysis. We may also schedule the facility for a second round of spraying to ensure that we have met all of our and our client’s satisfaction.

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