Industry Focused Drone Training

Providing industry focused sUAS training and flight practice

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One of the greatest advantages of a hands-on drone training class is the fact that the student gets to practice flying a drone under the supervision of an instructor.


Arvika Aerial

Arvika Aerial Solutions Inc. is a multi-platform drone company focused on utilizing the latest drone technologies to deliver solutions for the challenges facing your company.

Courses are designed to meet industry needs and can be tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Each course contains both classroom and hands-on sUAS piloting experience. Pilots will be trained to a commercial mission flight competency level on industry leading Scout, and Enterprise class sUAS devices depending on the course requirements.


Arvika Aerial Tech trains professionals and future professionals to learn how to operate sUAS, commonly known as drones, and employ their skills safely and efficiently. Arvika uses a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on time with various sUAS models in order for students to become professional sUAS operators.

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