sUAS Pilot Training Courses

Arvika Aerial Tech trains professionals and future professionals to learn how to operate sUAS, commonly known as drones, and employ their skills safely and efficiently. Arvika uses a combination of classroom lectures and hands on time with various sUAS models in order for students to become professional sUAS operators.

Most students will start with the Basic Part 107 Drone Training/Certification course and then continue to develop their knowledge and skills to work in a variety of industries such as insurance, inspection, public safety, construction, and many more opportunities. Our classes are focused on individuals who want to become professional sUAS operators.

Basic Part 107 Drone Training/Certification and Commercial Drone training – 5 Days

  • Part 107 Course – Arvika’s experienced instructors will teach all the regulatory compliance requirements of the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot license and will prepare all students to pass the written FAA exam (2 Days)
  • FAA Part 107 Exam and flight time (3rd Day)
  • Pilot Flight Training – the instructor will train the students in flight maneuvers, basic inspection maneuvers, standard operating procedures, including the operational templates, and certify them on DJI products. (2 Days)

Roof Inspection Course – 2 Days

  • Arvika instructors will teach the students how to capture, and analyze high-definition aerial photos and videos of a residential or commercial roof and or facade.
  • The student will learn how to analyze the data using a drone captured software analytics that outputs roof measurements and closeup details that complies with the insurance industry standard requirements including Xactimate reports. The software will provide a report for the insurance claim, highlighting all damages to the roof or facade.

Indoor & Outdoor Confined Space Training – 2 Days

  • Arvika instructors will teach your personnel to use the DJI Elios 2 in confined areas using a newly developed indoor training course.
  • With a focus on drone maneuverability for flood and Post Catastrophic (CAT) events.

Thermal / RGB Electro optical image capturing – 3 Days

  • The Course consists of learning how to capture thermal data for proper data analysis
  • Orthomosaic Training – Students will learn how to capture geometrically correct aerial images, stitched together to create a high-resolution map of the area.

FLIR Certification Levels 1&2 -7 Days

  • FLIR Level 1 Thermography Certification course will focus on how infrared is utilized for a variety of applications, including heat transfer and report writing for monitoring/predictive maintenance applications (3 Days)
  • FLIR Level 2 Thermography Certification course will focus on strengthening the student’s knowledge of heat transfer theory and master their ability to analyze thermal images by learning advanced radiometry concepts of emissivity and reflectivity (2 Days) – Requires Level 1 Certification
  • Thermography program (2 Days) – Requires Level 2 Certification

Photogrammetry Course – 2 Days

  • Students will learn how to capture a large number of high-resolution photos over an area from different vantage points. These photos will overlap, generating a detailed 3D map of the area with elevation/height information


Basic Part 107 Drone Training/Certification and Commercial Drone Training Classes start the 2nd Monday of each month and seat 15 students. Contact us today to reserve spot!

To learn more about class schedules, group discounts, and equipment, please contact Grant Engle @ 830-893-0260 or